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Plumber GuildfordCross Services Guildford is a well-established firm that was founded over 25 years ago. Over time, we’ve gained a reputation for providing excellent customer care and superior workmanship.

Each of our plumbers is highly trained in the field of plumbing and heating. Our teams of emergency plumbers experienced in Guildford are committed to providing a top quality service to all our clients in Guildford. Before we start any plumbing work, we will undertake a risk assessment ensuring the work runs smoothly.

For affordable emergency plumbing and providing a vast range of services to help take care of your home in Guildford, contact us Cross Services Guildford today.

Call our friendly team and speak to a qualified emergency plumber on 01483 339537.

Plumbing Surveys Guildford:

Plumber Surveying and More. Should you require a survey of your plumbing system then we will complete a professional report at your Islington based home or business. A plumber will attend to your call promptly and will provide you with a plumbing report that can help you to avoid future issues.

For an emergency or plumbing survey or report for your property in Guildford, contact the plumbers at Cross Services emergency Plumbers. If you’re worried about the state of your plumbing, a qualified plumber will assess it for you and provide you with a detailed plumbing report that will tell you if there’s any work needed. With a plumbing report, you can avoid serious plumbing problems and save yourself cash on major repairs in the future. If you’re thinking of selling your Guildford home, a plumbing survey can help you get a fair price for your property. An independent plumbing survey will stand you in good stead if your buyer brings along a surveyor to check over the property. Provided by a professional plumber, a plumbing survey can ensure you can negotiate the right price for your property.

Call Cross Services Emergency Plumbers Guildford for help today. Speak to a professional plumber on 01483 339537.

Emergency Blocked Toilet in Guildford:

A blocked toilet can be a real nightmare. It’s inconvenient and can be rather embarrassing especially if you have guest staying over. At Cross Services we have all the right tools to help you out fast. give us a call and talk to our emergency plumber,  we aim to get out to you within the hour.

Tap Repairs and Washer Replacement Guildford:

Tap Replacement GuildfordWe also carry out none-emergency work around the home. If your taps dripping, or old and worn out if you are having trouble with your taps and need a plumber give Cross Services a call.
We offer a wide range of tap services ,repair and replacement services from repairing existing taps to fitting new taps, washers replacment, and general tap repairs. Including basin, sinks bath and much more. So look no further, call Cross Services and talk to our plumber about any tap repair or replacement in Guildford.

Do you have a blocked toilet in Guildford?

Bathroom-wokingOur drain team are experts and can clear your blocked toilet fast leaving your home or property clean and tidy. Our emergency plumber we will come prepared. Once we have unblocked your toilet, we will leave your home clean and tidy. We offer free advice on ways to improve your drainage systems

Emergency Plumber Guildford
We can provide a plumber to deal with water damage and burst water pipes at your property in Guildford. If you need urgent care for your home, a reliable engineer from Cross Services emergency Plumbers will provide a fast response and deal effectively with plumbing and repairs. Call us today for a qualified emergency plumber.

Emergency Blocked Drains Guildford:

If you have leaking pipes, our drain maintenance service can help. Our plumbers can provide gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, replacement downpipes and drain blocked clearance. We also supply and fit new gutters. Call Cross Services emergency Plumbers Guildford for professional help today.

Emergency Blocked Sinks Guildford:

Blocked sink? let our plumber sort it,  we will unblock it fast at a cost you can afford. Blocked sinks can be a nightmare they can potentially cause flooding and damage to your appliances. When you find that you have a blocked sink, give us a call, our emergency plumber is here 7 days a week

Bathroom Fitting Guildford:

Cross Services Guildford also carry out none-emergency works. We can visit you in your home or business property and provide you with an impressive and affordable quotation no matter what your budget. Our team work hard to ensure that every one of our bathroom fitting projects is finished to perfection with flooring, bathroom suites and walls completed to a stunning finish. Others in the Guildford area struggle to offer a similar service but we make sure that your new bathroom is just the most wonderful place to relax – and show off!

We have a qualified plumber to suit your next project, a Gas Safe registered heating engineer and fitters who will leave you entirely safe should your appliances, water or heating system need attention. And we will make sure your new bathroom is fitted beautifully. Please call our friendly team to attend today on 01483 339537.

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8 thoughts on “Home

  • February 17, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    Can anyone advise on how to change a a tap ?

  • February 17, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    Hi Tiny,

    How to Replace a Tap

    Before beginning work, you will need to empty all the water from the pipe. Turn off the stopcock controlling the water supply and turn on the tap to drain away the water in the pipe. To remove the old tap, unscrew the tap connector, which is attached to the tail of the tap, and, using an adjustable wrench, undo the back nut, which holds the tap to the fitting. Then lift the tap out of place.

    Apply a little non-setting mastic to the underside of the new tap before putting on the plastic bedding washer that fits between the tap and the top of the sink or basin. Put the tap in place, fit a fibre washer on the tail from beneath and replace the back nut.

    If you are fitting the tap to a thin surface such as a steel sink surround, put a “top-hat” washer over the tail to act as a spacer before fitting the fibre washer. Wrap the lower part of the tap tail with three or four turns of PTFE tape. Finally fit the tap connector and a new fibre washer. It is a good practice to fit a servicing valve in the supply pipe so that the water can be turned off in an emergency.

    If you get stuck, give us a call on Guildford 01483 256784 and talk to a plumber about prices

  • February 20, 2016 at 11:57 am

    HI G&A
    thanks for the useful tips on how to change a tap. Any tips on changing a tap washer
    thanks again

  • February 22, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    Replacing a Tap Washer

    A tap that drips when you turn it off needs a new washer. Basin and sink taps have 12 mm washers, while bath taps require 19 mm washers. Start by turns off the water supply and opening the tap to drain the pipe. The two main types of tap are the traditional capstan head tap and the modern shrouded head design. The method used to replace the washer varies slightly, depending on the type of tap, but once the shroud has been removed from the shrouded head type, the headgear unscrews in the same way as that on the capstan head tap.

    Capstan head tap

    Remove the cover to reveal the hexagonal nut of the headgear. Unscrew the nut to reveal the jumper holding the washer. Fit a new washer or washer and jumper unit and replace the cover.

    Shrouded head tap

    If the tap is a modern shrouded head type, either pull off the head shroud or remove the central fixing screw that holds it in place. The headgear then unscrews like that on a conventional tap.

  • March 1, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    Whats the best way to clear a blocked sink

    • March 1, 2016 at 8:24 pm

      The effective weapon used by the home owner or plumber is a plunger. The plunger, when applied effectively, can cause some very large pressures to push directly on to the blockage. If the pipe is full of water then the force with which you push down on the plunger is concentrated on the area of the blockage – say 100 mm drainage pipe – and when the plunger is pulled up again it creates a partial vacuum and the pressure of the atmosphere the other side of the blockage pushes back up on it.

  • March 3, 2016 at 8:42 am

    Im thinking of fitting an out side tap, im not a plumber so any advice for DIY.

  • March 5, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    Fitting an Outside Tap

    I would normal recommend a plumber for this type of work, however if you are a competent DIYer then this should not serve a problem. Assuming you are from Guildford, and before you start work on fitting the outside tap, i would recommend you have a list of local Guildford plumbers to hand just in case this turns into an emergency.

    One tap in the house which does a loins share of the work is the cold water tap at the kitchen sink. Even when the garden needs a watering or the car requires a housing down, it is frequently this tap which is used, frequently at inconvenient time for the house wife!

    Fitting an outside tap is an obvious solution and it is a job within the scope of a handyman, providing he has at least some idea how the pipe should be cut and take accurate measurements.

    My advice is to make sure you know exactly what is involved before you attempt this job because it will involve cutting a rising main pipe. If a hash is made of this part of the operation, then you will be in trouble, and may end up calling an emergency plumber.

    When the work is being done, the domestic water supply will have to be turned off, so make sure your cold water cistern is full and, as a safe guard, first draw of some drinking water from the kitchen tap for cooking and other purposes.

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